Why do I need a real estate agent to help me buy a home?

Our job as a buyer’s agent is to advocate for our buyer clients and to obtain the best price, terms, and
conditions for our buyer clients. The job of the seller’s agent (listing agent) is to do the same for the
seller. It’s very important to understand the agency relationships all parties have with one another so
you can be sure you know who is working for YOUR best interest. It is our responsibility to treat
everyone with honesty and professionalism while still fulfilling our responsibilities to our clients.

When working with a buyer’s agent you will be asked to sign a disclosure of the agency outlining the terms of
the agency relationship. For example, the buyer’s agent’s can not disclose any confidential information about
the buyer, must present all written offers to and from the buyer in a timely manner, and must exercise
reasonable skill and care for the buyer and promote the buyer’s interest.

When you choose to work with a buyer’s agent your interests are professionally represented. Enlisting
the services of a professional Buyer’s Agent is similar to using an accountant to help you with your
taxes, a doctor to help you will your health care, or a mechanic to help you with your car. If you had the
time to devote to learning about accounting, medicine, and automotive mechanics you could perform
these services yourself but who has the time? This is why you allow other professionals to help you in
their specific areas of expertise.

A great Realtor will take care of the hassles of everyday real estate transactions for you. You are free to
concentrate on your full-time job, while your Realtor does theirs. You will be guided through the home-
the buying process and your interests will be exclusively represented while finding a home, presenting an
offer, negotiating, and finally closing on your new home!

Just as your accountant, doctor, and mechanic know and understand your specific needs, your buyer’s
agent gets to know your real estate needs and concerns. This type of relationship is built through
communication at all times. Your agent will save you a lot of time by providing you with all the details about
any home before you see it and will listen to your feedback, get answers to any questions, and address
any concerns you have about each home.

The advantage to working with a Buyers Agent is that you will have a professional working to find and
secure the ideal home for you. It is much easier to find a home that meets your needs, negotiate a
contract and close the transaction with an experienced agent by your side. You won’t need to spend
endless evenings and weekends running around looking for homes or trying to search websites that
often contain inaccurate or outdated information. When you tour homes with your agent you will
already know that the homes meet your criteria and are within your price range.

It only makes sense to have a professional agent devoted to protecting your need and helping you every
step of the way as you make one of the most important investment decisions of your life.